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A different egg hunt

A different egg hunt



With a long weekend and school holidays coming up, Easter is the perfect time of the year to escape on a short journey. Wether you’d like to experience the colourful tulip blossom in the Netherlands by bike or find a mountain resort with guaranteed skiing this late in the year, you’ll find both these and more in our top 5 outdoor adventures to go on for the Easter break.


Hiking the Cinque Terre


easter trekking cinque terre     

The Cinque Terre hiking trails are among the most beautiful in Europe and wether you are an outdoor lover, or just someone who wants some exercise combined with Italian ‘dolce vita’, hiking is one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy this spectacular Unesco World Heritage site.

The Sentiero Azzurro (‘Blue Trail’) connects the five (cinque) towns (terre) of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. You can either walk the entire route in about six hours, or spread the route out over a few days at a strolling pace, exploring the towns along the way or go for a dip. None of the towns is more than a two-hour walk from the other. A convenient train service links them, making this one of the most accessible walking regions in Europe. And with road access limited, each town is wonderfully car-free.

Easter is the perfect time for hiking the Cinque Terre as the temperatures are milder and the tourist masses haven’t arrived yet.


By bicycle through the Netherlands


easter holiday bycicle tour holland     

With the tulips in bloom and spring in the air, there are not many better places to be than in Holland during the long Easter weekend. And there is no better way to explore it, than on a bike.

Cycling is part of the Dutch way of life. In a country where the terrain rarely exceeding 120 metres above sea level, cycling is a great way of getting around. Add to this Holland’s excellent provision for cyclists and you have some key ingredients for an enjoyable cycling holiday.

Holland’s open landscape is peppered with windmills, pumping stations, dikes and locks and almost a fifth of the country is made up of lakes, canals and rivers. An extensive network of cycle paths takes you all over the country, often along routes closed to other traffic. Most follow the Junction Network, a series of easy-to-follow routes designed specifically for leisure cycling.

There are numerous cycling tour providers offering guided or self-guided tours suitable for cyclists of all ages and levels. The hard thing will be, picking one out of the endless options. If you prefer to plan your own cycling holiday, we highly recommend to visit the informative website of Holland Cycling.


Spring Skiing in Zermatt


easter spring skiing zermatt  

With lower prices, fewer crowds, better weather, and longer days, Easter is a great time to ski. But where to go to get your final snow fix of the season?

Boasting over 300 days of sunshine and also claiming to have one of the longest winter seasons in the Swiss Alps, Zermatt is a perfect place to spend your Easter break.

All three of Zermatt’s ski areas soar to at least 3,100 metres and are open from late November to the end of April – the huge glacier area offers world class skiing even all through summer too. The predominantly north-facing slopes can be bitterly cold during midwinter, but by March/April you can expect plenty of sunshine, with slopes in perfect winter condition. Also the lifts are open 1,5 hours longer than in January, which means skiing until 6 pm.

Furthermore, Zermatt repeatedly wins awards for its eco-friendliness. Motorists have to park 5 km from Zermatt and change onto a train, in the village everyone moves around by foot – or ski. Transport is done by electric vehicles.

For everyone who wants to have the full outdoor winter experience once more, the igloo village at Rotenboden / Gornergrat is the only snow village in Switzerland that offers overnight stays in igloos during Easter.


Golfing in Portugal


easter holiday golf portugal 

With over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and a low annual average rainfall, the Algarve enjoys mild weather throughout the year and the wide range of golf resorts will appeal to all golfers, whatever their standard or budget.

There are around eighty golf courses with different layouts and levels of difficulty. Along its spectacular coastline, the Algarve offers an attractive concentration of exclusive golf courses with ocean view. Surrounded by the beauty of the breathtaking landscapes, the greatest challenge should be to remain focused on the game. Around Lisbon, you will find a number of first-class courses as well, that allow you to combine golfing with a visit of the mesmerising metropolis.

Finish off your golf days with something, the Portuguese also excel at: the world famous, exquisite cuisine.


Aurora Hunting in Lapland


easter holiday aurora lappland 

Easter is a special time in Lapland. The coming of springtime is in the air, daylight, which has only lasted a couple of hours in duration during the winter, is starting to get longer. There is still deep, deep snow, but it is not as cold as it has been in previous months – making for a more comfortable outdoor experience.

Also, chances of seeing the Aurora are still high during the evening hours. Nature’s most spectacular light show is as mysterious as it is spectacular, and catching sight of the elusive Northern Lights is a truly unforgettable experience.

This natural phenomenon formed as electrically charged particles from the sun enter the earth’s atmosphere can only be viewed in and around the Arctic region and Finnish Lapland makes a popular place to catch it. Especially in March and early April, the improving weather and the sun being more active around the spring equinox provide favourable conditions for Aurora hunters.

Basecamp Oulanka is an award-winning arctic adventure destination in Oulanka National Park and was included in the 4 best places in the world to see the Aurora Borealis in 2009.

Wether you are catching the last glimpse of winter or enjoying the warm spring sun – make sure you visit the ROHNER ONLINE SHOP before you head out to your next outdoor adventure.