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Snow that squeeks under the feet

Snow that squeeks under the feet



The alps are especially beautiful when deep snowy slopes glisten brightly in the sun and huts and trees are capped with snow. To enjoy this winterwonderland, you need neither ski nor snow shoes. Switzerland offers a large network of beautiful and well-kept winter hiking trails, leading through snowy hillsides and dreamy winter landscapes high above the fog, offering hikes for all levels of fitness. When the feet are getting tired and the hunger gets big, numerous alpine cottages and guesthouses invite you to stop and rest. After all, one thing belongs to winter hiking like the snow – the anticipation for a warm ‚Stube‘.

We have put together the most beautiful winter hikes for you.


‚Laternliweg‘ on SĂ€ntis / SchwĂ€galp


snow winter hiking switzerland sÀntis

The romantic ‚Laternliweg‘ is illuminated after nightfall every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from November 19, 2015 until March 2016, between Christmas and the New Year even daily. Fridays and Saturdays, the illuminated trail leads to the guesthouse ‚PASSHOEHE‘.
While wandering through the nature discovery park of SchwĂ€galp SĂ€ntis you can enjoy the well prepared trail illuminated by countless oil lamps as well as snowy forests and romantic atmosphere. On the way you can warm yourself up with a hot Punch and finish the evening with a cozy Fondue or Raclette dinner at the guesthouse ‚Passhoehe‘ or at ‚SAENTIS DAS HOTEL‘
In gusty, stormy weather, the ‚Laternliweg‘ won’t be illuminated. For more info click HERE.Distance: 3,5 km
Hiking time: approx 40 min


Rigi – panoramic trail


snow winter hiking switzerland rigi

The ‚Rigi‘, one of Switzerland’s most popular destinations, is, with its hiking trail network of 35 km, ideal for winter hiking. The fascinating panoramic trail leads along the former Rigi to Scheidegg train route to Unterstetten on even terrain, then climbs slowly and steadily up to Rigi Scheidegg and thus is suitable for less experienced hikers.
The route leads over old railway bridges and through tunnels. Also, a disused passenger car, that today is a holiday home, a water filling station for steam locomotives and some kilometric signs can be seen.
The view onto Lake Lucerne and ‚Pilatus‘ is especially impressing, the alpine panoramas and the view over the Schwyz basin are magnificent.
From Rigi Scheidegg you can return comfortably by cable car via KrÀbel to Goldau. The hike can be done in reverse order too. For more info click HERE.
Distance: 7,1 km
Hiking time: 2 h


Heidi & Gigi trail, Arosa – Lenzerheide


snow winter hiking switzerland arosa lenzerheide

What already has a long tradition in summer is now also possible in winter. The new Heidi & Gigi trail now connects Arosa with Lenzerheide and vice versa. Enjoy the breathtaking alpine world along the way, use the latest transport systems like ‚Urdenbahn‘ and have something to eat in one of the lovely mountain restaurants.
The route starts at hotel ‚PRAETSCHLI‘ in Arosa and leads via ‚Arlenwaldweg‘ to the middle station of ‚Weisshornbahn‘. The trail continues through the ski area of Arosa, over the ‚Alpenblick‘ up to ‚Hörnli‘. From there, the winter hikers will be transported comfortably by ‚Urdenbahn‘ to ‚UrdenfĂŒrggli‘ and further by chair lifts ‚UrdenfĂŒrggli‘ and ‚Motta‘. From here, a hike will take you back to the forest line and through the wonderful winter snow-covered forest, until the hikers finally arrive in Lenzerheide.
Please consult with the local INFORMATION CENTER about route and weather conditions. Depending on season and weather conditions this route may be closed or interrupted.
Distance: 12,5 km
Hiking time: 6 h


Savognin panoramic trail


snow winter hiking switzerland savognin

The route leads high above Savognin with a magnificent view over the valley. It starts at the chair lift station Somtgant. Enjoy the wonderful winter landscape and fantastic panoramic views. The winter hike starts in Somtgant, where you get comfortably from Savognin by chair lift and the new cable car. From here head towards Radons with a view of the impressing mountains. When you reach the ski lift ‚Naladas‘, the trail leads further down. Anyone who has brought a slide can enjoy a sleigh ride past ‚Alp Naladas‘ down to Tigia. After arriving there, you either can warm up at ‚SKIHAUS‘ or hike further to Radons, where the large sun terrace of ‚BERGHAUS‘ invites you to take a break. Thus refreshed, the hike then leads further to Tigignas, from where the chair lift will bring you back to Savognin. Those, who have still some energy left and want to walk or sledge down to Savognin, take the junction in Malmigiucr and hike on the beautifully pathed trail through snowy forests via Fotgs and Parnoz to Savognin.
Distance: 8 km
Hiking time: 2,5 h


From ‚Maennlichen‘ to ‚Kleine Scheidegg‘


snow winter hiking switzerland scheidegg

This winter hiking trail with a picturesque view at the ‚Eigernordwand‘, ‚Moench‘ and ‚Jungfrau‘ is suitable for young and old, as the starting location is easy to access by either the Wengen-Maennlichen or the Grindelwald Grund cable car.
From the Maennlichen top station follow the comfortable, unique mountain trail going slightly downhill in a southerly direction. You will cross the nature protected ‚Arvengarten‘ with its ancient, magnificent Swiss stone pines. From there you can hike up for half an hour to ‚Kleine Scheidegg‘ or take the ‚Arven’ chair lift. ‚Kleine Scheidegg‘ is the terminus of ‚Wengernalpbahn‘ and departure point of ‚Jungfraubahn‘.
A nice and shorter route starts at Maennlichen top station and leads downhill to Holenstein mid station. Frome there take the cable car or hike further down. The mesmerising snowy landscape around the ‚Maennlichen‘ will make you forget the hectic pace of everyday life pretty fast. For more info click HERE.
Distance: 5 km
Hiking time: 2,5 h


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