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Snowy side up

Snowy side up



Unexpected for the most Europeans, Australia has an extensive winter sports industry. Admittedly the season isn’t very long compared to what we have in Switzerland, but the Aussies take full advantage of what they’ve got. The most reliable snowfalls are in July and August. If you had to pick one week of the year, the second week in August would have to be the choice with the best chance of good alpine skiing. In good seasons there will be some lifts open in June, September and sometimes early October.

New South Wales has the largest and highest alpine resorts. Snowy Mountains nicknamed Snowies including Thredbo, Charlotte Pass, Perisher and Selwyn Snowfieldsare equidistant from Sydney and Melbourne.

And Victoria shows it’s best snowy side at Mount Buller, Mount Baw Baw, Mount Hotham or Falls Creek.


winter sports australia ski snowboard mount perisher

  Mount Perisher


Leisure skiing began in Australia in 1861 when three Norwegians gold miners plucked some fence posts out of the ground, strapped themselves in and went for a ski. Since then the Aussies as well as many immigrant Europeans love skiing their ‚alps‘.

Where else in the world can you witness wombats being personally escorted across the white slopes by ski patrol? Where else can you find snowgums lining the runs? You won’t find these eucalyptus trees on any other ski field in the world. And where else can you catch a wave on one day and leave your traces in the fresh snow the other?


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