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Running for those who can't

Running for those who can't




wings for life world run 2016    

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Wings for Life is an international not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation that funds life-changing research projects and clinical trials at renowned universities and institutes worldwide. Each year, more than 250,000 people have car accidents, slips and falls that result in spinal cord injury and millions of people worldwide are paralysed due to that. It can happen to anyone at any time.

The Wings for Life World Run is a unique running event that occurs at the same time in over 34 locations worldwide. Runners, wheelchair competitors, and elite athletes race side-by-side – no matter if it’s day or night, spring or autumn where they are. The only common thing is they are racing together for the same cause.

On May 8, 2016 at 11 am UTC the starting pistol will be fired for the 3rd Wings for Life World Run.

There is no finish line, no set distance to cover, no set time to beat. Thirty minutes after the global start signal, the Catcher Car starts chasing the participants. From 11.30 am UTC, the race is on to stay ahead of the Catcher Car for as long as possible. When the car passes the runner, his or her race is over. The last one running is the Global Champion.

If you can’t make it to one of the 34 locations, you can still participate by using the free Wings for Life App and running a Selfie Run. With the app you can take on the virtual Catcher Car or train for your personal best with the goal calculator.

From fun run to serious athletic competition, the first-ever Wings for Life World Run Global Champion was Norway’s then 18-year-old Elise Molvik, who finished at 54.79 km. Global contenders, like ultrarunners South Africa’s Eric Ngubane Italy’s Giorgio Calcattera and USA’s Michael Wardian, battled it out thousands of kilometres apart, but the race has twice been won by Lemawork Ketema, both times in thrilling competition with Peruvian, Remigio Quispe. And 2015 saw the first wheelchair competitor, Aron Anderson, take the national crown in Sweden at 64.82 km.

Everyone can be involved in this run, no matter where you are or what your training level is. 100% of all entry fees and all donations raised through the Wings for Life World Run go directly to cutting-edge spinal cord research projects around the globe.

Sign-up today and run for those who can’t!


wings for life world run 2016