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Tour de Suisse 2017

Tour de Suisse 2017

Tour de Suisse, one of the largest cycling races in the world, will take place this year from 10th to 18th June.

9 days, 1,164.30 km and 17'490 metres in height! A demanding challenge with unbearable heat, bitter cold or heavy rain. This year it will probably be the heat that will put the athletes to the test. While cyclists are struggling with difficult weather conditions, the fans and spectators will be entertained at the Bike-Expo and in the Kids-World. Tour de Suisse is a cycling festival for the whole family. On shortened original routes, everyone is also allowed to test his perseverance and then reward himself in the numerous bars and restaurants.

Since 1933, this race has been held every year in mid-June and is one of the most important cycling races in the world after the three major races, Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a España. By many participants, the tour, consisting of nine stages, is seen as preparation for Tour de France that takes place two weeks later.

The Swiss tour begins with a prologue in Cham, stops in all language regions with trips to Italy and Austria, and ends on June 18th in Schaffhausen for the second time. The several finishing lines during the tour make the race more exciting and spectacular for the audience.

This year there is also an honorary award in honor of the triple winner of Tour de Suisse, Ferdy Kübler, who died in December 2016. He was famous for his separated drives by a large margin, which is why he is known as "fou pédalant". The athlete, who covers most kilometers in a separated group during the whole drive, deserves the prize "fou pédalant".


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