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Breathable socks

Breathable socks



It is equal if women, men or kids – feet always have the same demands and are exposed to daily stress. To ensure that running is a pleasure and also remains, friction, pressure points, moisture accumulation and blowing are undesirable. This applies in particular to people who are engaged in sports. However, socks for the baby should be carefully selected so that the small feet that are growing are kept free of movement and the initial steps are not hindered by a wrong seat or friction points. Rohner has developed innovative technologies for breathable socks to meet all the high demands and to offer the feet maximum comfort.


Feet have high demands


Think about the demands of your feet, which have to carry and balance the entire body weight. In addition, they are often surrounded by footwear, which is an additional burden. Socks as a link between foot and shoe have to meet all the requirements:

  • free movement
  • fit seat without constriction
  • allow the skin to breathe
  • deviate moisture
  • avoid friction and bubbles
  • buffer for foot and shoes


The requirements in detail

Freedom of movement is important because the entire movement apparatus can be affected by an impairment. This is especially true for your baby and smaller children. If the seat is fitted correctly, the stockings do not slip, but the foot and calf will not slip, which would inhibit blood flow. The skin as the largest organ of man must be able to breathe – also on the feet. Breathable textiles fulfill the purpose. Moisture through sweat is not only unpleasant, but also muffles and can lead to skin irritation. Therefore, hygienic and health-conscious women and men wear breathable and at the same time moisture-absorbing socks. You should pay attention to this with your baby. In addition, this affects friction and bubbles – provided they are skin-friendly textiles such as cotton in high-quality processing, especially at the main stress points of the foot. To ensure that no friction is caused by the shoes, socks and sneakers are not allowed to penetrate and must be able to absorb any possible pressure points on the shoe. When walking and exercising, the feet are subjected to the greatest stress: If the socks meet all requirements, the feet do not tire so quickly. This contributes to an increase in performance.


Sophisticated technologies with high functionality


As a developer of high-quality breathable socks, Rohner is aware of the demands on the footwear and uses innovative technologies during production, which are continually adapted to the latest scientific findings. The choice of the material is important at first – cotton, for example, is skin-friendly, respiratory-active and moisture-dissipating at the same time, and is therefore very popular with women and men in everyday life as well as in sports and also suitable for active children. The moisture-dissipating effect is further optimized by the Rohner Air Channel System (R.A.C.S.): High-tech yarns direct moisture into a buffer. This is made of cotton or wool plush and saves it so that the foot remains dry. This also preserves respiratory properties and minimizes friction through the shoes.

Rohner socks and sneakers are also characterized by a patented rib construction, which ensures the accuracy and freedom of movement: nothing slips, the foot is not narrowed.

To ensure that the stockings always stay together and each item always comes to the right foot, Rohner has also developed a technology to optimize the pairs anatomically for the symmetrical foot shapes. There is, of course, an indication for the right and the left specimen, so that the pairs can be reunited immediately after washing.

Last but not least, the Swiss developer places high-quality footwear on environmental friendliness and ecology. This applies to the choice of materials as well as the production processes and packaging.


The ideal footwear for children


The baby must first learn how to coordinate his movements and the first steps are not easy. Sure, it is barefoot at the healthiest – but the foot must also get used to shoes. Breathable socks made of cotton with Rohner quality help with this and protect without footwear, among other things, from cold.

With increasing age, children are getting better on foot. They have got used to solid footwear and need daily protective clothing, which also contributes to the well-being and health maintenance of the feet. In winter, thicker socks and stockings are suitable here, and in the warm season, sneakers are a good choice. Always look for perfect quality to ensure an optimal development of the still growing body and to make the leisure activities to the pleasure: Good, breathable, moisture-dissipating stockings flatter the feet, which carry the child through the day undisturbed.


Fashionable comfort for women and men


Short trousers or skirt in summer, plus chic shoes: stockings that reach up to the ankles rarely correspond to the fashionable taste. Nevertheless, the feet want to remain dry, free from pressure points and friction. Just wear sneakers to get a buffer between the shoe and the foot while enjoying comfort. Sneakers sit unobtrusively on the foot, disappear almost in the footwear and spoil on everyday paths or in the sport in proven Rohner quality.


Grant it to your feet – for yourself


Enjoy breathing properties, dry feet and increased physical constitution through functional and comfortable socks. Manufactured with special technologies, the feet enjoy optimal comfort and are capable of increased performance. You benefit from this every day, because unpleasant sweat, blistering, friction and skin irritation are a thing of the past.