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R.I.P. Lost Socks

R.I.P. Lost Socks

It's Lost Sock Memorial Day on May 9!


The humble sock is one of the most important elements of every daily wardrobe while it is absolutely useless without its twin. A single sock just won’t do.

The problem is a global one. There are not many mysteries in life that are as perplexing as the mystery of the missing sock. No matter how hard you try to keep pairs of socks together, inevitably one of them vanishes into the netherworld never to be found again. Where do all the missing socks go? Is there a washing machine heaven? Is your dryer eating them? While no-one really knows what happens to those missing socks, there are single socks languishing without their partner in sock drawers around the world.

Celebrated each year on May 9, Lost Sock Memorial Day pays homage to all these sad single socks and their lost mates. The unofficial holiday also encourages people to take the day as a chance to clean out their sock drawers and say good-bye to the wistful widows and sorrowful singles.

To celebrate Lost Sock Memorial Day, gather together all the single leftover socks out of your drawers.

If you don’t like throwing them out, those spare socks can be reused and given a new, happier single life. You can put a tennis ball inside with a knot to make a simple dog toy. You can slip it on your hand for a makeshift duster, or soak it into soapy water for use as a car-cleaning cloth. You can make a sock puppet or you can even use it to polish your favourite pair of shoes.

Then have a minute of silence for all the socks you have lost and visit the Rohner Online Shop to shop a couple of new socks to fill up the sad empty drawer.

Did you know that you can even buy your socks by subscription? SockTribe powered by Rohner Socks will deliver 3 pairs of socks every 3 months to your doorstep.