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The beginning of summer 2017

The beginning of summer 2017

Today the summer is officially there!

Summer is not just a season, but a feeling. Slowly we can feel the summer. The days are longer, we are no longer awakened by the alarm clock, but by the sun shining into the room and the birdsong in the early morning, which bring a smile to our faces. We don‘t have to set off to work or to school in the pitch-dark morning. Although we went to bed late in the evening, because it was still bright, we stand up motivated every morning. The grass outside and the fruits at home suddenly smell quite different. Perhaps the most important thing is that we do not have to carry a jacket anymore!

It‘s summer when everything has to be in the fridge and we complain that it is too hot! Suddenly, we flee from the long-awaited sun and the shadow becomes our protector. Swimming is going to be our main activity. Going out of the house without sunglasses? Impossible! Barbecue with family and friends is always the highlight of the summer.

In addition, there are plenty of outdoor activities for sports fans in summer, which are also ideal for family adventures. Hiking and biking tours (Trekking socks) through beautiful mountains and landscapes are the first priority. People who don’t want to move a lot should rather play golf (Golf Socks). Climbing and rope parks (Outdoor&Military), however, are suitable for the brave ones, who aren’t scared of heights.

Let's go! Make tracks but don’t forget your convenient Rohner socks!