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Running socks from Rohner – advanced technology meets sporty design

Discover a new foot wellbeing doing sports with running socks from Rohner! Selected and carefully processed materials, optimised fit and innovative extras are combined in superb design. A further aspect is the high functionality of Rohner running socks, which is the result of long-standing development processes. The socks’ sophisticated characteristics range from cushioning of the balls of the feet or heels to an especially developed air channel system, that keeps the feet particularly dry when sweating.

High-quality materials for more wellbeing

The quality of socks is significantly dependant on the quality of materials used. Rohner uses the following materials to achieve best possible comfort and highest performance:

  • Cotton: the foot friendly, natural material is breathable and doesn’t irritate the skin. It also absorbs moisture easily.
  • Merino: warms very well, which is why it is used especially for socks worn for hiking and climbing. The wool also regulates the temperature when it’s hot.
  • Bamboo is lightweight, soft as velvet and environmentally friendly
  • Fibbers with profiled cross-sections have excellent friction properties and avoid blistering that way.
  • The Rohner Smartcell® yarn has been specially developed to make socks, that are worn for trail running more comfortabel to wear.
  • Dri-Release® yarn and the Coolmax® technology on the other hand improve moisture regulation and prevent excessive sweating
  • Also silver fibres are inwoven in some models. Silberfasern werden ebenfalls in einige Modelle eingewoben. They ensure that bacteria can’t spread out and furthermore they eliminate odours.

Advantages of running socks for running

Nordic walking, running, trail running or indoor sports – with high-functionality sports socks from Rohner you will not only improve your wellbeing but also your performance. Many advanced technological developments have been integrated in the production of running socks. This includes not only the hand-linked toe area, that doesn’t require seams and therefore doesn’t cause rubbing anymore. Furthermore there are numerous innovations, that make Rohner running socks for men and women a very special product: terry constructions have a shock-absorbing capability and are integrated in the socks to relieve the foot. A padded high heel ensures a comfortable fit, also in higher hiking boots. An elastic zone in the area of the arch of the foot gives more hold. Of course, you also find compression socks for running and hiking. Running socks with compression function improve blood circulation and hence support the muscles.

A selected assortment of exclusive running socks

Regardless of wether you are looking for compression socks or would like to buy running socks, that have excellent performance properties: At Rohner you will surely make a find. Latest technology and exquisite materials unite here for optimal comfort. If you want to wear knee-length socks in hiking boots in winter or sneaker socks in summer, in the Rohner online shop you are in good hands. All models are the result of a long development process from which you and your feet can profit now. Buy comfortable and highly functional running socks at Rohner today and get started!