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Experience report - Gizem Yilmaz

Internship E-Commerce and digital Communication (Jan. 2017 - Aug. 2017)


Gizem Yilmaz completed her undergraduate studies in Social and Communication Sciences at the University of Lucerne. Afterwards she decided to gain initial experience and therefore she applied to us. Here she speaks of her experiences at her Internship at Jacob Rohner AG.



In which department did you work at Jacob Rohner AG and how did you hear about this Internship?
I was involved in E-commerce and digital Communication.

I took notice of this Internship through the Internet and it impressed me immediately because it corresponded with my interests and seemed to be very versatile. That's exactly how it was.  

Why did you want to do an Internship at Jacob Rohner AG? What's special about this company?
The Jacob Rohner AG is small and familiar, I felt comfortable at the first attempt, already at the job interview. In addition, the position was excellent for my profile, because I had already worked with digital communication in small projects.

How did the job interview proceed?

After I had sent my application documents, I got a phone a few days later and was invited to an interview. It was a very pleasant conversation with three people from the company. This was about my studies, my experiences, and especially about team work which is an important point at Jacob Rohner AG.

How did you feel at Jacob Rohner AG during the first days?
It was very easy for me to adapt to the company, to my work and to my new work colleagues. All of them received me very warmly which is why I never felt uncomfortable either at the beginning or in the following weeks and months.
What were your functions as an intern and what opportunities did this position offer you?
My tasks were to write newsletters and blog articles for Rohner and our partner Schiesser AG. I also maintained the websites of Rohner and Schiesser Switzerland and the social media channels. We have developed a social media plan for Facebook and Instagram, with different photos and texts I have tried to arouse the interest of our followers. What I didn't know and learned during my internship are advertisements on Facebook. I've got to know various functions of Facebook, various tools, Photoshop, Wordpress and the HTML system. Since I had to translate many things in English, I was able to improve my English skills and also a bit of my French skills. The highlight of my internship, however, was the new website I was able to build together with the Marketing Manager. This Internship gave me the opportunity to apply the Google AdWords Certificate. The visit to the world's largest sports fair in Munich was also a special experience. By participating in numerous meetings, I also had the opportunity to meet important personalities from the marketing industry.
How would you describe the atmosphere in the company?
There is a very familiar and informal atmosphere, everyone gets along well and works peacefully together. I have always felt very comfortable and welcome.
The joint lunch with the work colleagues and internal events contribute strongly to the good relationship and the trust between the employees.
What experiences do you get from the Internship at Jacob Rohner AG?
I don't know where to start, because I've learned so much new things here. I have come to know the practical world of marketing with all its facets. It's amazing how much work is already behind an image for Instagram. It has become clear to me that advertising and marketing pursue us everywhere, sometimes without understanding how. The "how" question I can answer now. The insight into the background of different marketing processes has shown me how to reach (potential) customers by different means.
What tips do you have for interns who are interested in a job at Jacob Rohner AG?
In my Internship, creativity was always required, whether I wrote a blog article or a newsletter, whether I had taken a photo or created an advertising article. You should always be fully involved! What's important is that you express all the ideas that cross your mind, because no idea is stupid. Another important point, especially at the beginning, is that you have to write down everything and ask questions without hesitation if something is not understandable. In my experience, at Jacob Rohner AG everyone is ready to answer these questions and to help. Attention is also required, always listen and show interest, so you don't miss anything! Based on this, it becomes possible to develop own ideas and ways. It's also good if you set personal goals during the Internship and bring in your own ideas for which you sometimes work additionally, even if it's not directly asked for.
I have had the experience at Jacob Rohner AG that the work done is appreciated and praised, which leads to the increase of enthusiasm and motivation.


In summary, I can recommend to everyone to do an Internship at Jacob Rohner AG. It gave me so much for my personal development, I was able to prove my abilities, I got to know the marketing industry which I previously only knew theoretically, I also gained self-assurance and made a valuable work experience.