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Jacob Rohner AG, 1930 | +41 71 727 86 86 |


You can find us at the following address:
Rohner Outlet Balgach
J. Schmidheinystrasse 23
CH-9436 Balgach / St. Gallen

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 13.30 am – 18.00 pm
Saturday: 09.00 am – 12.00 pm



Office:  +41 71 727 86 86

Outlet:  +41 71 727 86 31




rohner socks outlet balgach


Not only for every sportsman but also for every fashion-conscious person, a visit to our fashionable Outlet in Balgach is a must.

No matter if you’re looking for men, women or children socks, if you need fashionable socks for everyday wear, hard wearing socks for your sporting activities or very special ones for your health or if you’re in search of underwear and shirts. With us, you will definitely find it! In our outlet you can find a wide selection of underwear from the brand “Schiesser” and shirts from the brand “Kauf”.

rohner socks outlet balgach 



At Rohner socks quality always comes first!

We sell high quality products from different wool types:

  • cotton: heat resistant, warm, durable and absorbent
  • merino wool: especially soft, elastic, smooth, warm and very pleasant on the skin
  • new wool: durable and warm
  • kashmir: warm, light, thin and with a silky sheen
  • silk: soft and smooth


rohner socks outlet balgach yarn